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online Business solutions

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GDHL provides intelligent & practical online solutions for businesses that want to lift and maximise digital capabilities anywhere.

E-commerce, Subscriptions, Interest-FREE credit solutions for your clients. Calendar Bookings, Bespoke integrated CRM.
Pre-development business consulting services.

  • Business overload

    As a business, you know what you want to achieve, but with so many options, making the right decision can be overwhelming and confusing. Taking an independent view, we offer the very best advice when confronted with a mishmash of choices.

  • Online & digital

    There are thousands of web designers, but online business is more than just a pretty template. Whatever the reasons, as a modern business you need a website, however, building a site doesn't mean it will follow your business expectations.

  • Start-ups   

    Start - ups, make sure you get the right guidance before you plunge into building your website. Depending on your business these first steps can have a marked effect on your success, and can impact negatively on your client experience, engagement browser page rankings.

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First we listen - then we talk

  • good to know you

    Relationships are important to us. This fundamental premise means we can work confidently as a team and despite any challenges, we can overcome them together.

  • proposals

    Once we understand, our client's requirements, we commence on to building the plan for creative concept, design and build follwed by delivery delivery. Our proposal can be a few lines or many pages depending on the complexity of the project at hand.

  • working as one

    In carrying out the fulfilment of a proposal, we will work closely with all the stakeholders, from start to completion and beyond. We're always at hand to help and assist, as a member of your team.

From simple web design & build to complex data manipulation, VR and AR technologies.

Innovation at our core

everything is possible

It's an old story, you know what you want, but you're told it's not possible, it's never been done, it doesn't work like that. These phrases are omitted from our lexicon.

Whether a simple website or complex software development, we guarantee to find a solution that fits your organisation's requirements and budget.

From start-ups to established SME's

Consult | design | Build | Maintain 

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